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hey guys so im gonna do my first cycle of test enth for 8 weeks, ive been using dbol as a supplement at 10mg ed except on arm days lol( then its 20) but its been a great supplement. i have like 20 more days that im gonna keep taking the dbol and once im finished i wanted to jump on some test. any suggestions.
Current stats: 6"2
225 lb
arms: 18 1/2
quads: 26
waist: 35 Sad from bulking.
Chest: ? lol havent measured and im at night school.

diet: high protien high calorie low carb.
workout: overtrained, was training everyday no rest for about 3 or 4 months but gained 15 pounds. starting to take one rest day but less volume and more rest during my workouts. so my friend gets everything vet grade, any problems? best way of getting post cycle?

18 Mar 2010 04:50
and since the dbol has already shut me down i was going to take a test booster with liver cleansers called testanon 2250. i am taking 200-400 mg milk thistle ed with the dbol rite now as well.  

18 Mar 2010 04:51
So you're just taking d-bol by itself? Test is your base for all cycles. Your just throwing money away,imo, because all youre adding is water weight rt now, for the most part...  

18 Mar 2010 17:55
Yep d-bol only is nonsense plus your dose is way to low...You would have done 5x better with an OTC pro hormone..  

18 Mar 2010 19:57
Well that's why I wanted to add the test now. Think it's too late? But with such a low dose of dbol it's really not for gaining weight but for recovery.  

18 Mar 2010 21:05
recovery?????? Ok, look, your thinking is all jacked up. Test E is a long acting ester and you need to take it for 12 weeks. quit wasting your money on d-bol and just take a test e cycle of 500mg for 12-15weeks. you'll be happy. also, before you take anything else, read up a bit so youre not wasting your money and know what your doing. i'm not trying to be a d*ck, just want you to make educated choices.  

18 Mar 2010 22:10

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