What are the best arm workouts?

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I really need to workout my arms. I am sure people here have huge arms and huge advice to give out. :screwy:  

17 Mar 2010 06:25
Wat is your arm workout now?  

17 Mar 2010 19:58
^^ what are you doing now?

personally i have had huge success with changing it up.. years a go i only did heavy lifts, everything... however your obdy gets used to heavy bench, heavy shoudler press, rows, chins etc. in some movements (ie rows, chins) your using your biceps secondary muscle group in that lift. so your arms get used to the heavy lfits... switch it up with arms and go for higher reps (10+) and forus on the contriction of that muscle and do it slowly and with perfect form. same goes on heavy chest day if youwork your tris after so on and so on  

17 Mar 2010 22:54
heavy lifts are good for your arms.., and try taking up supplements after every meal.  

27 Mar 2010 06:25
The Best bicep and tricep exercises can be great for men and women. All arm exercises can be used by everyone, but you can get different effects depending on how many sets and reps you perform.Barbell Curls is the fundamental bicep exercise to build bicep muscle and Dumbbell curls has the advantage that it gives a complete contraction as you can supinate the wrist.  

18 May 2010 13:12
I agree with the very last message posted in terms of bicepts. I find dips are good for tricepts and I think the one with the rope is called tricept pulldown - there pretty good especialy when yuo extend the arms to the side when you reach the bottom of the repetition.  

01 Jun 2010 05:57

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