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are many, but trying out and to make it into practice is the difficult process. Always listen to your thoughts, don’t give a chance for unwanted things to have priority in your life.

You might have experienced changes in relationship because of a mere change in your attitude. The same happens here too, if you are ready to change your present attitude, things will be in your tip. The habit of smoking is powerful, but not an unchangeable thing.

Gain some education about nicotine addiction. Get the support of people who are going through the same situation as you are in. Then you will be able to find the best solution for the problem.Bravo  

13 Mar 2010 08:28
A work college of mine went to the doctor and bought some prescription tablets. The doctor told him to continue smoking whilst on the tablets however in due time the craving of cigarettes would dissapear and eventualy he owuld com eto a stpo. This was a one pack a day man who had been smoking for 40 years. He has now stopped for about a month and appears to be less cranky.  

14 Mar 2010 06:49
the cravings and light headedness will pass...maybe in a month.

meanwhile drink plenty of filtered water to cleanse out your body

up to 4 or 5 liters a day

go for it  

14 Mar 2010 16:29
Talking about filtered water - if your in australia and want to get a filtered water system setup for yuor business at home so that yuo can drink it whilst cleansing yoru body from the cigarettes then make sure you call Clearwater filter systems on 02 8962 4200. NSW number but they cover all eastern states and to put it simply they are the biggest and best.

Anyway stick wit the quiting of smoking as your body will feel more refreshed aftera good nights rest in due time. Since quiting smoking i feel alot better when I wake up - not a massive turnaround but feel alot better than beforehand.  

22 Mar 2010 04:24

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