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So tried musclemeds hexagen or watever, heard it would make u drowsy. It does! Lol fell asleep at the wheel in the middle of the day almost crashed! Lol anyone take this yet!? The forum seems a little limp! Let's get a boner!  

09 Mar 2010 04:32
what type of supp is it never heard of it.  

09 Mar 2010 08:36
It's an Igf-1 inhibitor.  

09 Mar 2010 09:01
just took a look at it and beleive its an oral version of ghrp2... ghrp2 is a peptide and a good one... but having said that its good for subq and im injections... the peptide is very delicate when needing to be reconstitued with BA water i dont see how they could produce an oral version. and thats without saying how the body breaks indown  

10 Mar 2010 00:13
Well the oral is a dissolvable pill that u let dissolve in ur mouth and then swallow. Idkhow there doing it either.  

10 Mar 2010 01:56

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