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top gear for local fats burn!


21 Feb 2005 12:12
what are the active ingredients??  

21 Feb 2005 21:24
Bump I haven't heard of it.  

21 Feb 2005 21:27
I believe its a UG fatburner with probably yohimbe in it.I could be wrong though.  

21 Feb 2005 22:26
50 ml vial
1ml= 40mcg clenbuterol+5.4mg yohimbine hunde HCL....

it's the best local FATS burn gear guys!


23 Feb 2005 09:14
some HELIOS info talk from NET guys!

Here is all the information I had on Helios, it is not formatted and doesn't deal with strickly with women. Hopefuly you can find the information of some use.

Their are two bottles one is yohimbine hcl and clen, the other bottle is
t-3.It is a two part system. The ratio is in one bottle (100cc bottle) you
have 40mcg of clen with yohimbine hcl 5.4mg per cc, in the second 100cc
bottle you have 25mcg/cc of T3.
you can shoot 1 ml three days a week or ED. Some people may do it 3 times a
day. The T3 can be taken orally and the yohimbine /Clen should be injected
subq on the place you want to loose fat, the liquid presses the fat
(triglycerides) out off the lipocytes (fatcells) into the blood, and you'll
have to burn it with aerobic training after the injections.

In a issue of Muscle Media 2000, in the October 1996 issue, "Steroid Guru"
Dan Duchaine presents an article titled "Lower Body Fat." In this piece Dan
recalls the plight of a female bodybuilding friend who found it impossible
to lose fat in her below-the-waste region. No matter what she did - from
exercise to drugs to steroids to near starvation - none of her strategies
yielded success.
Then, in a section subtitled "You Know About Beta Agonists, But ... How
About Alpha2 Blocker?," Duchaine lays it on the line. Ephedrine stimulates
adrenoreceptors, but only those of the beta class. Among the three members
of this class beta1 signals for fat mobilization while beta2 and beta3
concern themselves with the generation of thermogenic activity in the
mitochondria. "Burn more fatty acids for heat," they command. While you
might think that these latter two receptors would result in increased
lower-body fat loss, it just doesn't work that way.
The reason is because there are few beta1 receptors - the generators for
fat mobilization - in the lower body regions. However, what there are - and
too many at that - in the lower-body fat are alpha2 receptors.
Specifically, there are 9 times more alpha2 than beta1 receptors. When
alpha2 receptors are stimulated they block fat mobilization, achieving a
near opposite effect of beta1 receptors resulting in an increased
stubbornness to lose lower-body fat. Worse yet, noradrenaline generation is
reduced and body temperature is lowered. Then, to top it all off, on low
calorie diets, alpha2 receptors increase.
Duchaine goes on to say that this process affects far more women than men,
who normally have fewer alpha2 receptors ... except for Duchaine! The glad
news, however, is that there is a alpha2 blocker available as an
over-the-counter herbal supplement, and that the blocker is yohimbine, the
chief active ingredient in yohimbe. Unlike ephedrine, yohimbe is not an
agonist but an antagonist - it doesn't stimulate receptors, it blocks them.
And when yohimbe blocks alpha2 receptors, noradrenaline flows and the
resulting effect is increased body temperature and increased fat burning,
even in the difficult area of the lower body.
Reference: Duchaine D. Lower body fat. Muscle Media 2000. 1996;54:94-99

For the Helios you do not mix the two solutions in the same
syringe (different chemistry). Ideally both solutions should be taken
orally. Only really lean guys with a stubborn fat deposits will want to
inject just the clenbuterol/yohimbine solution subcutaneously.
Start the dosage of each solution at 0.5cc der pay and gradually work
the dosage up as fast as the person is comfortable. The clen solution
is sometimes tough for the odd person to get used to because of
headaches. Just take their time. I would go as high as 3 cc of each per
day possibly 4 if the person is a real hard ass for drugs, but 4 is
pretty high. Lots of guys are happy at 2 cc. Then when they want to
come off the Helios system they will need to taper slowly down for 2
weeks at least.

They need to drink so much water they will be sick of it if they are the
ones that sweet like no tomorrow. They will need to watch their
electroplytes as well besause they are loosing so much in their sweat
and plain water doesn't replace electrolytes.

Oh and one other thing, they should split the dosage into morning and
early early evening if they can.

Helios dosage should start low (0.25 - 0.5cc) and increase daily or as the
user can handle the clen side effects. I wouldn't dose past 3cc of either
solution per day and I would split the dosage up into 12 hour intervals (ie
have the dose in AM and the other half in the PM). The user can maintain
that doase for as long as they wish but, they have to know to come off the
higher doses much more slowly then they went up to the higher doses. ie : 1
week increasing daily dosage until the max desired dosafe is reached. Then
2-3 weeks at that dosage and finally dropping the daily dosage for a period
of 2 weeks. There are no hard and fast rules but you have an idea how it

A good way to cycle Helios


WEEK 1 1/2 CC
WEEK 3 1.5 CC
WEEK 5 2.5 CC
WEEK 8 0.5 CC


7 DAYS @ 12.5 MCG
5 DAYS @ 25 MCG
7 DAYS @ 50 MCG
5 DAYS @ 37.5 MCG
5 DAYS @ 25 MCG
5 DAYS @ 12.5 MCG
5 DAYS @ 6.25 MCG

using it this way,is smart all around...i didn't feel any downfall once i
seized the T3,because the clen was being run until week 8...intensity in
the gym was still apparent all the way thru and didn't lose any of leaness
post cycle...a diet that worked well on this was the ISOCALORIC diet by Dan

Inject the Clen/Yohim and drink the T3. Worked very well for me. I went as
high as 4cc's of each per day, but not for long, mostly was at 3cc's per
day with a long taper off.  

23 Feb 2005 09:16
When it says week 1 @ 1/2 CC? how many times that week?
I have used Clenbuterol 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off? Can I do the same with the Helios?  

13 Aug 2007 17:16

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