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posting this for a good bro!!!!

We need your Help.

Many of you know me and my former role at Anabolex as the “Judge, Jury, and Ex-Juicer”. Most of you know that I have moved on to pursue a new endeavor. I have teamed up with Angela Pietramala (a national level Canadian bodybuilder) and Admin from Bolex to create Ironside Online Magazine
The site is dedicated to the advancement of Canadian Amateur Sports related to strength and fitness (bodybuilding, strength, fitness, martial arts, mixed martial arts, boxing and wrestling.)
You will soon find: training tips, nutritional advice, sport specific advice, links to numerous amateur sport organizations, national listing of contests and events, up to date event coverage with tons of pictures, a listing of amateur athletes, a section for athletes to promote themselves, interviews with pros, and a section to hire a professional trainer. There will also be a message board forum for athletes to chat and share ideas and info. Members/subscribers will soon be able to go to various businesses around Canada and get a discount on your purchases.

We are currently looking for writers with amateur sport experience to be the editor of the following categories: Boxing, Strength (strongman, power lifting, Olympic lifting), Fitness, Martial Arts & MMA. If you are a coach / trainer / athlete or a connoisseur of the sport and would like to help promote amateur sport in Canada by being a writer/editor, email us at This is a great opportunity for an experienced amateur athlete to help others in the sport and to also promote yourself.

We’re also taking applications for the position of “moderator” for the message board forums. Knowledge of Canadian Amateur sport is not a prerequisite, but would be a definite asset. The site will be a “clean site”, you know what I mean…. So it will not be competition for any of the BB boards.

Our grand opening is this week.
The site is new, and still has a lot of work to be done to “round it out”…. But we fully expect it to soon be “Canada’s Official Amateur Sport” website.

Please come check out the site.
If you are interested in helping us promote Amateur sports, or are a promoter of an event, please email us at
If you are at an amateur sporting event in Canada and see Team Ironside there covering the event, please come say hello!!!

Take care everyone, and God Bless.

Yours in Iron,
Al Shaw


Admin or mods from other boards.... that would like to help us in our endeavor to promote Canadian Amateur Athletics.... please feel free to cut/paste this thread to your site.  

01 Apr 2004 04:19
He is an awsome guy and I wish him the best on his new journey.I only wish I could help him out, but my knowledge is not what he needs.  

01 Apr 2004 06:31

01 Apr 2004 19:31
Sweet wish I could help but my strong suit is BB and nutrition only..  

13 Apr 2004 06:04
Ditto inkman.


13 Apr 2004 15:19

13 May 2004 23:28

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