Need help understanding lab tests!!!!!

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Can someone please help me understand these lab tests I reieved!! I went to quest diagnostic's and the gave me my test results that were
Total 33
Free test 2.5
Bioavailiable 5.6

I can not find out if these are high or low or what even are the ranges for what quest uses. I called quest for help but all they told me to do is wait to see my doctor. But that is not for another 2 weeks and I would like to know what I am talking about when I walk in there. The nurse that gave me these over the phone said they are low but could not tell me any thing else! so Could some one please help me out here!  

04 Mar 2010 04:35
What tests did you have done? Full blood count? Did you just finish a steroid cycle (have to ask. no offence if you are a natural builder).

FreeTest means FREE TESTOSTERONE. The normal ranges depend on age and medication and 'medication'.

1.0-5.0ng/dl is normal.

Keep me posted  

05 Mar 2010 10:14

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