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Hi Guys,

I am 25 years old, i am about 13 stone about 5.11 in height, I have been training on and off for a few years now, i have used creatine before by creatimax when i was around 18 which wasnt bad but wasnt totaly happy, recently tried PHD which was terrible imo and made me feel vile, I am really keen on getting bigger and better gains as i have always strugled with this and it is something i have thought about and considered for many years

have been looking at steriods for a while now although came accross Pro Hormones which seems a bit milder as far as side effects so i thought i would try a course have been doing alot of reading on Pro Hormones and cycles, understand there tuff on liver and its not a long term option but a steping stone in the right direction, From what i read they are thought to be a clone of m1t.

I am thinking of the following cycle

Milk Thristle few days before and through out cycle
2 x weeks Tren Bomb
2 x weeks EPI
PCT - 2 x weeks of Esto Suppress and Superdex Extreme

Or do you think its better to do one of them PCT then the other followed by a second PCT?  

02 Mar 2010 06:03
Just thought i would update, Tren bombs went well with 1 stone of weight gain including pct period, Made me feel very lethargic though although as it was a 2 week course it was berable, I am now on epi which is 6 weeks and the lethargy is killing me i would not recomend them so far from my experience up to now.  

20 Apr 2010 02:55

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