blue dbol

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friend came across some blue dbol. now ive heard of blue hearts but he says there round and blue. anyone have some input!? or have tried this? thnx  

02 Mar 2010 01:20
can you post a pic?  

02 Mar 2010 01:59
ya i will be able to in a few days, check back  

02 Mar 2010 06:32
So the dbol is round and blue and has qlike 2 triangles or something on the back and a line in front  

13 Mar 2010 04:10
The most common would be the blue hearts (see pic), but if you say they are round, there are some UG labs out there that have them. Best would be to post a pic of them or do you know the brand?  

17 Mar 2010 23:30

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