Alright!! 20 In.!

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Ok, i hate to brag but i got so excited today, i haven't checked out how big my arms were for a few months. Just been training VERY hard and eating VERY right lol. I got them measured today, and i'm 20 wooo hooo, last time i was like 17 or 18 and a half if i remember right lol. I'm only 24 so hopefully i can get them bigger by the time i'm 30 lol. :thumbs:  

28 Feb 2010 19:18
plenty of time as long as ur staying consistent bro! nice job on the 20s. so think it was that test>??? lol stay up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

01 Mar 2010 07:57
ohh...that's nice!!!!!!!!good for you buddy. . congrats! you've made it!  

02 Apr 2010 03:54
lmao thanks guys  

25 Apr 2010 01:40

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