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Hello i was wondering if any one else had the same problem ever

am on my second cycle test e and EQ and A-50

test and eq mon and fri 1.5 cc of each and only 50mg of a-50

the problem am having on this cycle is my balls are swollen not just the sac. lol

i dont have any pain just the swelling .

I statrted some milk thistle today and i have Arimidex on hand. i was just wondering if this is normal.  

28 Feb 2010 04:13
NOT normal. Usually your balls will get some atrophy. I have no experience with abombs, but everything else wouldn't cause that reaction. If you are taking HCG maybe, but you didn't mention that. did this happen your first cycle as well? Almost sounds like you should see a doctor. I haven't heard of this before.  

02 Mar 2010 00:00
Well the swelling is going down the testes are not really swollen now jus the sac, the first cycle had no trouble I ran Sus 250 with Deca and gh

this time the test e and Eq with abomb and gh i stopped the a bombs about 4 days ago and it seems like its getting way better but i still may go tot he dr tomorrow .  

03 Mar 2010 05:52

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