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I got this email from a health and fitness email subscription I have - I think it was from the simply huge site which promotes natural gains. Anyway I was interested in getting people opinions about this piece.

Is Milk Healthy?

The Truth about Milk and Fitness

I get e-mails all the time from people saying they are eating a
healthy diet, and then when I ask them to list out what they
eat in a day it is not healthy at all.

But, I have to say it's not their fault, as we have all been
and still are being fed a pack of lies about food.

This is the first in a series of articles, exposing the truth.

Got Propaganda?

We have all heard "milk does a body good", "milk is the perfect
health Food", "milk builds strong bones", "milk will help weight
loss", etc.

These just like "Got Milk?" are nothing more then advertising
slogans trying to get you to buy a product.

They are no more true then some of the past and present ads
done by cigarette companies, d rug companies, etc.

For example did you know that Camel Cigarettes, actually used
the following slogans "more doctors smoke Camels than any
other cigarette" and "for digestion's sake - smoke Camels".

Milk Truths

Besides man, no other species drinks milk beyond infancy or
drinks the milk of another species.

Cow's milk is intended for the nutritional needs of calves,
who actually have four-part stomachs.

Milk is high in sodium, fat and cholesterol.

Milk, ice cream, cheese, yogurt, casein, whey, etc. are a
very likely cause for obesity and many health problems.

Cow's milk has been connected to food allergies, digestive
problems, bloating, gas, cramps, vomiting, headaches, rashes,
asthma, irregular heartbeats, high cholesterol, headaches,
fatigue, etc.

Cow's milk has been tested to include high levels of toxic
chemicals including hormones, antibiotics, allergens,
herbicides, pesticides, dioxins, etc.

Some medical studies indicate that milk may actually increase
women's risk of getting osteoporosis. T. Colin Campbell,
professor of nutritional biochemistry at Cornell University,
said, "The association between the intake of animal protein
and fracture rates appears to be as strong as that between
cigarette smoking and lung cancer."

Where do the cows get calcium from? From plants. So eat a
big green salad next time you are concerned about getting
enough calcium.

Just Say No to Milk

If you want to lose fat, feel better and be healthy cut out
all dairy products.

Any feedback appreciated.  

25 Feb 2010 15:16

18 Mar 2010 04:57
lol but as arnold said" milk is for babies, when you grow up you have to drink beer!"  

18 Mar 2010 04:58
Yes the reporter said to him - dfo you drink like fat reduced milk and he said "no mulk is for bubbies - i drink beer"  

22 Mar 2010 04:26
Alcohol slows the absobtion of nutrients and slows metabloism because it is toxic. Milk does not and is not.  

18 Apr 2010 03:22
Alcohol also has a carb content and you need carbs to lift otherwise you will get tired and it also may relax you therefore putting you in a more relaxed state when training which allows you to focus- it is also good for a pump. Why do you think that Arnie promoted it in the bodybuilding movie the combeback - hes words were "if yuo want a pump drink Jim" (meaning Jim beaM).  

21 Apr 2010 05:41
yep yep totally opens up the veins. wine works too.  

29 Apr 2010 03:43
Milk is totally fine. But you gotta watch out for how much is taken. Also, you gotta avoid Soy, unless you wanna soften up and all. Here is a video of how to boost testosterone levels to burn fat and to gain muscle.


26 May 2010 07:59
I didn;t realise that sou milk was a problem for bodybuilding. I have been drinking soy of late. Can you please explain why soy and bodybuilding is a bad mix?  

01 Jun 2010 06:02
soy lowers testosterone and is not as readily absorbed as other protiens  

19 Aug 2010 23:01
What about Soy protein ? I bought a protein powder which was soy based ? Is that not recomended either ?  

25 Aug 2010 05:49
It's not that its not recomended, its just not the ideal type of protein to consume. If its the only protein you have access to then by all means take it, but whey is much better in the morning or after a workout and cassein before bed. I usually try to get my protein from whole foods during the day and rely on 'supplements' for post workout and before bed  

21 Sep 2010 19:06

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