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I don't follow any strict diet - I just want to exclude sweets and bread from my everyday meal. But everyday I still eat a candy or a cake, so I don't follow the way once chosen.
How to be strong in my decisions concerning nutrition?  

24 Feb 2010 09:55
Well personally I have a big sweet tooth. When I am dieting and I am craving sweets I just eat something healthy to get something in my stomach to fill me up a little. Other options are jello and crystal light, they give you a false sugar taste. It's not the same but it does help. Just need to have some will power.  

25 Feb 2010 01:05
fruits always satisfy sweet tooth  

25 Feb 2010 07:47
Make a decision about what you want and how you are going to get there and man up.  

18 Apr 2010 03:24
Generally people likes to eat sweets and that is why they gain weight and some people can not stay without eating sweet in a day. You should made up your mind not to eat sweet for that you can start once in a day then reduce it to twice in a week then only once in a week. You can do it at weekly base also, you can eat a little bit sweet once in a week.  

20 Apr 2010 07:41
What you do is have some healthy snacks on hand like some nuts, if you like chocolate chose the dark coco chocolate alternative but still dont eat too much, light ice cream but don;t over eat it just because it is the light alternative.

Theirs no simpler way of putting it then when you feel like a craving - just don;t eat it do something else.

I am full of wisdom some days.  

21 Apr 2010 05:38

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