"Thermonex" False positive on drug test?

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Im taking BSN "Thermonex" for weight loss. I have an upcomming military drug test and someone told me that it might cause a false positive for drug tests. Can anyone give me some isight into this and let me know if they are wrong or if i should be worried?

Ingredients are here. Im taking 3 twice a day.


24 Feb 2010 06:08
Anybody? Its been a day, No response.  

24 Feb 2010 18:04
I don't think it would show up,but to be on the safe side, you need to disclose that. It's not illegal so I wouldnt worry about it...  

24 Feb 2010 20:07
a postive test for what?  

25 Feb 2010 01:09
I dont know, this guy in my platoon just said it might show up as a false positive for drugs. Its just a drug test, this isint for a sports team or anything so i dont think theyre testing for enhancers or whatever, but i just dont want it to show up as any kind of drug. i hear "jack3d" shows up as amphetamines so i just want to make sure thermonex is clear  

25 Feb 2010 06:24
Hmmmm I don't know. I wouldn't think that it would show up as a positive for amphetamines. Like someone said earlier you can always tell them you are taking thermonex since it isn't illegal.  

25 Feb 2010 06:33
yeah but that would probably get me flagged if anything came up in my urine, BSN is a reputable company right? it kind of makes me think it should be fine, i called them and they said theres nothing in any of their products that would cause a false positive on a drug test but then again if there was something in it im sure they wouldn't announce it and loose tons of sales  

25 Feb 2010 07:25
I guess im going to stop taking it. I know they test for proteins and stuff in your urine so I dont want anything messing any levels up in my urine, how long do you think it would take to get out of my system?  

26 Feb 2010 05:13
I think you are over reacting. I just looked at the ingredients and I don't think you have anything to worry about. Wouldn't take long for it to be out of your system. I had a friend in the navy he took clen and never got in any trouble.  

26 Feb 2010 06:02

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