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I'm 24 5"11, and 250 lbs. I went through a bulking stage for almost 2 months, very intensly. Now i wanna cut up a bit, lose most bf %, Don't know what it is now, will post later. Here's a few pics of me now. I wanna shoot for my goal, maybe get into competition someday. Anyways, what is a good start, i hear about doing more cable work, and machines than free weights. Also i am taking in about 4000 to 5500 calories a day. Should i cut down to 3000, my carb intake was insane, but now should i cut that as well? I was thinking of carb depriving. I never really did a cutting stage, just didn't want to lose strength but i do want to start sculpting my body, so just need advice. Also, i'm assuming ALOT more reps, and high to low on weight right? As far as what i'm taking, i'm on ON 100% WHEY GOLD STANDARD, PREWORKOUT IS BLACK POWDER, AND I TAKE CREATINE. I know my nutrition was fine for bulking, but now i'm not sure where to start since i am now going to start this cutting stage. I hear barely any food, then i hear stick down to 3000 but 0 carb foods. Any suggestions, comments, anything will help thank you. I take this very seriously so no dumbass remarks please. I want to get on competition level, so you know how cut up i need to be. Thank you.  

20 Feb 2010 02:55
Go on a high protien diet. Definatly cut ur carbs out and drop calorie intake to2500-3000. To be honest The machine and free weight idea isn't really true. U should still use basic exercises but with very high reps intensity and sets.( like Arnold and surge) cardIo should be done but not to the extent to where your burning muscle. Of coarse a little muscle loss is going to happen but if u do higher intensity training with lower intensity cardio( stationary bike or light jogging) then u will probably keep alot. As for food, I would stock up of skinless chicken, tuna, ground beef, and keep it high protien. Find a weight gainer with some good carbs in it to give u a little energy but nothing too crazy. No fast foods, u already know. Lol that's all I can think of rite now haha  

20 Feb 2010 05:38

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