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hey, im 17, senior in high school. been working out since i was a freshman. im now maxxing 365lbs in bench. just taking ON 100% whey and pure mono creatine. i weigh about 173lbs. not the best pics and im pretty white lol


20 Feb 2010 01:49
and heres a before pic lol i think i was like 13 or 14

20 Feb 2010 02:04
Fantastic change buddy, good development for a 17yr old. Keep it up.  

20 Feb 2010 14:23
good progress bro... good genetics keep at it  

21 Feb 2010 06:52
That is good progress indeed. Keep up the good work  

21 Feb 2010 18:24
thanks guys, i gotta start working more on my diet now tho  

21 Feb 2010 23:24
keep up the good work man, amazing body for someone who is 17  

26 Feb 2010 01:27
thanks guys, its just a lot of dedication and i think i have pretty good genetics  

26 Feb 2010 04:52

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