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Hey guys. I posted some other crap on another thread. Hope I didn't piss anybody off. Here's what I am trying to get going here... Wanna go
Test Prop. 100 mg every other day 1-12wks.
Eq. 200mg. 2X wk 12wks.
Anavar 30mg. 6-12 wks.
Cool? Well, I read somewhere that Naltrexone might have some kind of benefit to a cycle like this. Why would that be? I know what naltrexone is... opioid agonist and all that, just wondering what the hell good it would do for this cycle? or any cycle? So happens I have some of this and Nolva and other beneficial PCT stuff but what I don't have is... well, anything else. Which brings me to what I posted on the other threads... Sick of peoples crap. Thats one thing there is plenty of out there that I really don't need.
You might wonder why I want to do a cycle like this, I'm a fighter. I need to keep my weight down as much as I can but I don't mind moving up a weight class. Cheating you say??? Who doesn't?! Anyway, any help would be appreciated.  

16 Feb 2010 05:25
hey bro welcome to the forum... what are your age, stats, goals, diet? cycle experience?  

16 Feb 2010 06:56

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