my first cycle.

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so just wanted to hear wat u think. im just brain storming potential cycles still and would rally appreciate some imput. i was thinking about just 400mg of test a week for 3 months? good bad? wat would be the results i could expect? and an thing else i should take with it. im 6'2 223. 12-14% bf if it helps. thx:thumbs:  

11 Feb 2010 02:32
also need tips on post cycle and if i should start with lower dosage maybe like 300???  

11 Feb 2010 02:33
cycle experience brother? goals? years training? age?  

11 Feb 2010 03:46
2 years of hard training, have gained over 50 pounds of dense quality muscle. my dad is my training partner, he was mr texas back in the day so we train like crazy together. my short term goal is to bulk up to about 235-240 from a bodyweight of 220. and to add a few inches on my chest and arms. my arms are 18 cold. no cycle exp:-( but everything im geting is from a doctor! i dont want to be discriminated by my age so maybe in a private message? ( these are just suggestions by the way i am still going to be training for at least 5-6 months more before i will even have enough money, sad i know. lol so my goals might change dramatically, i just really want the edge and i want to be giant. i know i can gain on my own because i prove it to myself everyday but i want to be a monster, being big isnt good enough anymore)


11 Feb 2010 06:24
how old are you bro?  

11 Feb 2010 21:01
Way to many holes to poke in this one...  

12 Feb 2010 08:40
storm not wanting to poke a hole?? are you alright brotha:laughing:  

12 Feb 2010 14:13

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