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Hey every one. I have really bad stretch marks on my biceps and chest from building muscle. Anyone know how to get rid of them?  

10 Feb 2010 10:10
coco butter and a great tan  

11 Feb 2010 02:34
how many times a day should I apply the coco butter?  

11 Feb 2010 06:12
well thats not going to help s mch as the tan will, there are several laser treatments that will completely eliminate them if thats ur case but if u just want to see small results then i would suggest 2- 3 applications throughout the day, sun and water are stretch marks worst enemy! lol  

11 Feb 2010 06:27
Hi MetalHead916

Stretch marks are nasty. I had them too. Yep, muscle growth does cause them too.

1. Try creams and ointments that can be bought over the counter. They are cheap in comparison to the other options I will tell you about. Strivectin is great. It helps reduce scar tissue and promotes collagen synthesis.

Take your time to massage it over the area. This will help increase blood flow to the area and in turn the increased bloodflow will reduce healing time of the strecth marks.

2. Prescriptions. Creams and ointment with derivatives of Vitamin A are popular. These are pricey.

3. Chemical peels. if you have the time and money to go to a dermatologist. they apply a chemical 'mask' over the area, which 'peels' off the layer of skin over the stretch marks. This is advanced science and a miracle in severe cases.

The choice is yours.

Happy Training  

12 Feb 2010 13:04
My ladys Dr. reccomended coco butter, and something called utter cream to help with the stretch marks after her pregnancy.. Stretch marks are pretty much deep tissue scars though, and like scars they are next to impossible to totally get rid of. the creams can help lighten, and speed up healihg some what though...

Most coco butter creams are just lotions with some coco butter in the mix. You need the good shit, the purer the better:wink:  

05 Mar 2010 12:09
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10 Mar 2010 15:41
Although there is no miracle cure for stretch marks there is a drug on the market, sold by Novartis, called Trofolastin. I don't know if it's made it to American shores yet, but according to Wikipedia, studies show that this topical drug can reduce the appearance of stretch marks if applied during pregnancy. So, ask your doctor about Trofolastin. I can't hurt to ask.  

02 Apr 2010 03:46

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