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he guys, thinking about starting my first cycle, been doin alot of research on what i should take. ive been working out for about 2 years. im 6"2 220lbs. ive got good all around mass. 18' BI'S and calves. just want to hear some opinions on what i should and shouldnt take. i just want a quick easy cycle to try and bulk to 235-240 without water gains.  

02 Feb 2010 21:41
How is your bodyfat and what does your diet look like?  

02 Feb 2010 22:56
probably around 8-10 rite now maybe more??? as far as diet goes its just alot of protien, 6-8 meals a day. low fats and sugars. a little high on the cholesterol( bacon!!) lol but other than that im staying pretty strict. i still get my carbs and veggies in about 3 meals, but really just rely on my mass gainers to get them. thx  

05 Feb 2010 01:11
suggest a cycle lets see what your up to  

05 Feb 2010 01:50

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