Do i REALLY need a PCT?

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I know this may have been posted alot of times but i cant really get a clear answer.
im 22 and weigh approx 75kg and currently running a winstrol cycle 30mg each day. i originally planned to run it for 1month, but ended up doing 2weeks on, then 2 weeks off (i left them in my main luggage when i was flying which was lost, recovered and delivered 2 weeks later), and now im doing the final 2 weeks til the 100pills run out. Is it really necessary for me to do a pct with nolvadex? im worried about the increased dht levels with the subsequent hair loss.
any advice would be appreciated.

02 Feb 2010 17:56
wow what you really need to do is read and research more....4 week? Really? None of what you have said shows any intelligence on what you taking...My advice learn more you have no biz taking anything this proves your eating and training suck also.  

02 Feb 2010 21:25
As storm says ..., stop before you hurt yourself  

05 Feb 2010 01:52
commitment to the cycle is everything. ur probably gonna be all ****ed up.  

05 Feb 2010 01:58

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