Super Bowl

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Anyone here like sports betting?

Who are you taking for the super bowl and why?

Line seems to be moving a lot and Vegas has Colts -6 as of now (started at 3.5 I think).

Should be tons of fun to watch.

Happy Super Bowling


31 Jan 2010 04:26
I don't bet on sports, but would if I knew bookies in my area. lol Colts over, they are a better team. I want the Saints, but I think the colts will win.  

31 Jan 2010 20:39
haha the things i have heard on the news are crazy... schools in indianapolis being delayed monday morning for the super bowl... jesus... up north its the last thing on everybodies mind :D  

08 Feb 2010 02:38
It was a great game. Not what I expected, but really good.  

08 Feb 2010 07:20
i know the colts were the favorites to win so it was good to hear the under dogs got it...  

08 Feb 2010 14:30
lil bit
OK, can I blame it on being single that I didn't realize the superbowl was on until it was almost over? Or just blame it on the boobs?  

08 Feb 2010 23:12
well first we need to see them,then ill let you know who to blame:hi:  

09 Feb 2010 01:50
lil bit
LOL!! Nice try!  

10 Feb 2010 18:42
always worth a shot:hi:  

12 Feb 2010 14:13

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