new pic taken yesterday

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this is 1 week back after being out with the flu for about a month.i was pretty shocked when i saw it lol  

28 Jan 2010 23:31
looking good bro whats ur stats again? my last flu killed me brother... how much weight did you lose?  

29 Jan 2010 03:49
im 5'5 1/2 and right now im 202.i just weighed myself yesterday.that was after being back in the gym and eating again for a week.before i got sick i was 208 so i didnt lose as much as i thought,unless i packed it on the last week.  

29 Jan 2010 04:25
dude you look great! nice shape!  

06 Feb 2010 01:54
thanks alot bear  

09 Feb 2010 01:52

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