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Hey Im new to these threads and figured I would ask for some advice. I currently do cardio, calisthetics and light weights. I take a protein shake for my am breakfast(nitro-tech hardcore) and one after my workout..I just bought ON BCAA powder because I read all the benefits it gives and was wondering when I should take it..In the morning with my shake or after my workout? Or both? I believe I am supposed to be taking 5g. Any feedback would be helpful!  

28 Jan 2010 07:54
when the body detects elevated levels of L-Leucine it thinks that muscle tissue is being catabolized. in turn the body increases muscle protein syntesis and lipolysis. this is one way that BCAA's are a great tool to possibly increase LBM while losing fat when dieting down. it is not uncommon for bb'ers who supplement with sufficient amounts of BCAA's to gain several lbs of LBM while dieting down for a show.

I would use it post workout and before bed. Before bed mixed with some casein protein so you have round the clock coverage  

28 Jan 2010 12:01
Great thanks for the help!  

29 Jan 2010 01:16

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