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Just picked up 5g. How do I measure out 100mg to injest. Do I use a scale? Or should I use baking utensils from the kitchen?  

07 Jan 2010 09:49
I think you are going about this all wrong. You should have figured out how to do things before you made the order. Most people would make it into liquid.  

07 Jan 2010 18:50
I just read on another thread on how to make it per mg/ml with pga and heat. Sorry about the noobness. First time homebrew  

08 Jan 2010 02:31
Go get a capmaker at your local heath food store and make caps much easier.  

08 Jan 2010 08:02
Like a rite aide wallgreens or cvs?  

08 Jan 2010 09:31
No like a natural health/nutrition food store..or juts google capmaker they have small once that make 50 caps at a time that are cheap.  

10 Jan 2010 04:35
Ok thank you for the help  

10 Jan 2010 13:25

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