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Anyone used there products before?

I've used there Whey and Pro Complex before and loved them, but I would like some other opinons.  

06 Jan 2010 15:29
good stuff I have gold standard casein and whey sitting here right now.  

06 Jan 2010 18:58
Has anyone used there pro complex versions?

I see they have a all natural one now for the going green to get lean  

07 Jan 2010 01:16
never tried that in particular however i have used others by them... good company.  

07 Jan 2010 01:26
Any flavors of choice?  

07 Jan 2010 02:29
I have procomplex too, I don't like the taste as much and almost double in price. I've gone through a few jugs of gold standard since I got the procomplex. I have just chocolate in the pro complex. I like the mint chocolate and chocolate flavors the best. Rocky road gets pretty old fast.  

07 Jan 2010 05:04
Haven't used there Pro complex products but have tried whey and casein. Great products have never heard a bad word about Optimum Nutrition products so they should be pretty good. :thumbs:  

14 Jan 2010 22:22
Damn it, I just went to the get some the other day and the price has went up (on the gold standard). I haven't bought any for quite a while I picked up a few jugs last time. I remember it being cheaper.  

15 Jan 2010 06:15
go to bodybuilding.coms store. prices are sick  

15 Jan 2010 08:46
Hey Im new to these threads and figured I would ask for some advice. I currently do alot of cardio, calisthetics and light weights. I take a protein shake for my am breakfast(nitro-tech hardcore) and one after my workout..I just bought ON BCAA powder because I read all the benefits it gives and was wondering when I should take it..In the morning with my shake or after my workout? I believe I am taking 5g. Any feedback would be helpful!  

27 Jan 2010 06:46
you should start your own thread but to answer your question i take it in my postworkout shake.you can take it in the morning also.i do that when im cutting yo save muscle while doing cardio  

27 Jan 2010 09:01
Start Your Own Thread!  

27 Jan 2010 21:17

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