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18% bf
Been going bald since I was 9yrs old currently 23yrs old
My main goal is to get bigger arms and shoulders
and cut the body fat down to 5-8%
my body also has a very high tolerance for pills

Diet consist of only chicken, tuna, fish, 4 cups of veg per day (V8 tomato juice), 1 gallon of water per day and a intake of 3500 calories 60% protein, 30% carbs & 10% fat. Also various supps and vitamins

I would like to do a 10 week cycle of the following

Andropen 275mgs a week (Monday)
Trenbolone 80-100mgs/3x a week (M-W-F)
Anavar 100mgs/day
Winstrol Depot 50mgs/day

Would this be a good cycle for what my goals are?

All comments, suggestions, pros, cons, and negative feedback is highly encouraged.


06 Jan 2010 12:15

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