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I am starting my diet and training this week. I have been doing light cardio on the elliptical now for about 2 months. I would say the most has been 30 mins, but most of it has been high intesity(I dont know if that really matters or not)
I have been doing some bench press dumbbell press, butterflys, curls and other arm lifts. I have been doing squats and lunges mostly for my legs. I only do the weights about 2-3 times a week and do the elliptical 4-5 times a week. I am trying to get toned lose some fat and gain some muscle. The weight is irrelevant to me at this point if all the other factors come into play. The diet has been garbage, garbage and more garbage.
I read that you can eat light one or two weeks and then feed your body heavily for one or two weeks and this will confuse the body and make the fat turn into muscle. I dont know how true this is. I would like some advice on a good strong workout and a solid diet plan. Anything would be appreciated.

age -35
weight - 248 lbs
height - 5'9"
bf - unknown. ( alot)

My only thing is that I dont have much time since I work between 50-70 hours a week and I am also a full time student. I can make an hour - 1 1/2 hours of time for a good workout. :screwy:


04 Jan 2010 08:21
hey bro... i know its good to keep the metabolism guessing but at this point you need to get into the rythm of a diet and consistantsy... your diet is 90% of how you will lose weight! there are a ton of sample diets on here so just do a search and you'll find one to help you get started.
when it comes to cardio and lifting your on the right track. youre new to weights so for the time being focus on the main lifts and just split workout days into two sections, upper body and lower body.
upper body do bench, clean/jerks etc. lower hit squats, lunges, deads. hit each muscle group and when you get a year under your belt move onto to sculpting the body  

05 Jan 2010 07:23
i would stick to a diet plan for the long term - this is the best way to reach your goal. stick to the compound lifts with anywhere from 7-15 repetitions. you should also do some research on how and what to eat as a bodybuilder  

05 Jan 2010 14:58
You should really follow a set plan. I would look up a bodybuilding course, get it and follow it. Then you can make tweaks along the way.  

18 Jan 2010 01:45

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