Bearmans back!

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hey people who are still here that I remember?..its been 2 yrs!  

03 Jan 2010 04:26
hey brother... things slowed down around here but im still around checking in...  

03 Jan 2010 11:30
lil bit
Holy crap, it's been that long?? Nice to see you around again, hope all is well!  

04 Jan 2010 05:22
sure we remember you bro.good to see ya back  

04 Jan 2010 05:25
good to see you 3 are still chillin around....well i've been off and on in the gym and am totally out of shape here once again..,, I am starting to diet as of last week and am hitting the cardio hard,,gonna give the sub-q plan a try anyone try this? I know with the intense program and diet they put you on I don't really think you need to take the fat burner they give you lol! anyway good to hear from you all i will try to stay regular!  

12 Jan 2010 06:18
anyone? lol  

14 Jan 2010 07:22
sub q plan or supplement?  

14 Jan 2010 08:12
i took some time from the gym also due to the flu.need to get my ass in gear also bro  

15 Jan 2010 15:35
supplement and plan AB. welll from your pic your doin good after the flu big and ready!  

06 Feb 2010 02:04
never heard of the plan but i thought the supplement was nothing more then caffeine and a few green extracts?  

08 Feb 2010 02:39

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