Is it my imagination ?

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On Monday I weighed myself and I was 76.3 kilos. Since then I have completed 4 sessions of Cardio - I have Completed I sesssion of 40 mintes running and 1`5 minutes walking,

1 session of 40 minutes running and 30 minutes walking
1 hour walk

1 hour bike.

I have drank a few alcoholic drinks each day just about however that would consist of average maybe 4 drinks per day.
My diet has been ok but not great - I have not overindulged and ate to the point whre I cannot fit another thing in and the food quality was ok but not brilliant at times there has been 1 or two bad meals.

Now today I stepped on the scales and noticed I am weighing 80 kilos a mere few days after the previous weigh.

Is it possible there is something wrong with my body as I believe it is extremely diffiocult to put on 3.5 kils in 5 days.

I know teher has been some alcohol inviolved however there also has been some decent cardio sessions.

Any response would be appreciated.  

01 Jan 2010 14:08
My guess is that it's just some water fluctations going on. It doesn't sound like you went too out of control here, so for it to be 100% fat gain would be rare. I'd wait a few more days and re-weigh. Hopefully it'll be closer to where you were again.  

05 Jan 2010 00:25
Your right - I weighed myself today and it appears to be back to where I started - i find my weight fluctuates alot quicker than most - goes up very quick and then goes down.


I'm going to try and keep it going down - goig for a hour bike ride tonight.

Thank you for your response.  

06 Jan 2010 05:58

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