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Hello all, So it's been a long time, but finally getting in good shape again.
I'm past 30--- hitting some martial arts 4 nights a week and lift/cardio 5 mornings scattered. Getting bored with my only whey + whatever else I try, and making the rookie mistake of buying too many of the wrong supplements.
Any advice please message me. I used to take test yrs ago and liked my results. Anyways- Any advice would really help, I'm doing ok, but pretty lost with all this new stuff out there.
Cool site, I'll keep reading old posts, and try n learn some more.
p.s. I'm 225, looking to obviously drop about 15 more fat'' lbs already dropped 36
over past 5 mo's. workinn my As* off. Now need to focus on my lifts more, would like to build up more strength .
Thanks everyone  

22 Dec 2009 21:05
p.s. i've been trying a bottle of this stuff I'm not sure does anything called alphamale testbooster? , along w proper whey shakes n extra amino's before classes shake after. But I get a feeling the AMale things are a waste of $ ?  

22 Dec 2009 21:08

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