What healthy food should you buy?

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Going to the supermarket is actually a little hard for people who want to be healthy. There are tons of delicious foods that can be acquired there and most of them are harmful for your health; chocolates, ice-cream, cookies, cereals; all stuff that will make you gain weight immediately. There is a variety of food which is healthy and delicious at the same time and that you should include in your daily diet:
• Vegetables and fruits: it is very important that you acquire these products since it is the essential part of a healthy diet.
• Whole grain products
• Fish, poultry and lean meats: these are the types of meats that you should be acquiring since are the healthiest for you. Avoid breaded and fried meats.
• Legumes eggs and nuts are some other proteins that are good for your body; try to acquire them as well.
• Drinks: try to drink water as much as you can, you can also buy low fat milk and herbal teas. If you are the soda type of person it’s either try to avoid them as much as you can or get the light ones.
• Frozen products: Choose the ones which are healthy; vegetable portions, protein and make sure you are not acquiring a high fat frozen meal.
• Condiments, oil and dressings: I would give two descriptions for these: they are sources of refined sugar and poor quality oils.
• Desserts: just because some products are low fat doesn’t mean they are not good desserts. Try getting fresh fruits and some healthy nuts. There is light ice-cream as well in case you are an ice cream lover.  

21 Dec 2009 23:07
I'm new here and just browsing around - that was a helpful guide.

What are your thoughts on fruit juice? It seems many people have different views on this one. Good or bad for building lean muscle mass?  

05 Jan 2010 00:13
im new hear as well and just looking around

what are your taughts on egg's? Some people say its ok to eat 5 or even more a day for a source of protean but im not sure if its healthy to do so. what do you think?  

06 Jan 2010 00:10
I always thought 1-2 is okay if you have no problems with cholesterol. If you do though you may want to limit it to only whites apart from a whole egg occasionally.  

06 Jan 2010 00:24

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