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It is very important to know what you are bringing to your mouth since there are many things in the market which are very harmful to the body calorically speaking. You should train yourself to take a look the nutrition facts of every product you are going to buy before you even do try to also teach your family about this so that everyone can grow to be healthier people. Taking care of the food you are ingesting is very important since there should be a balance in your body and not a big extra amount of fat instead. Take care of yourself because if you do not do it no one else is.
You can start with comparing the amount of calories with the serving size since people might only look at the calories amount when the total means the amount of calories for 1 serving and some products have more than one serving, be careful on that.
Have healthy foods: 3 balanced meals including vegetables, fruits, protein and fats, dairy and make sure to avoid carbohydrates as much as you can. Have two snacks, healthy ones and that are where I can recommend you to have fruits.
Avoid serving seconds: Have a meal with the right portions and make sure not to repeat a meal or a dessert just because it is delicious, stay satisfied and not full.
Eat at the table: sometimes it is easier to consume more food while being entertained watching TV than to concentrate on your eating.
Avoid fast food: Since it makes you ingest a bigger amount of calories than the ones you are supposed to eat a day.  

19 Dec 2009 23:36

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