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I'm currently working out 4-6 days a week usually lifting for about 45 minutes followed by 20-40 minutes on the stairclimber. I rarely miss out on my cardio after I lift but my goal is to bulk up a bit before I start cutting before the spring. I'm wondering if the cardio is having a negative impact on the bulking and if it's okay to just skip it compeltely every once in a while. I typically feel guilty skipping cardio because I do have a bit of a gut I need to get rid of and feel like the cardio helps make progress to get rid of that. Anyways, thoughts on this?  

10 Dec 2009 16:46
the cardio will definitly have an impact on your mass gains because it will burn calories. Obviously when bulking you want to burn as little calories as possible so many people sont do cardio when bulking.

I prsonally think that 20 mins of cardio twice a week during bulking is good because it keeps your metabolism high and in general keeps you fitter which must be better for your muscle gains. try and do your cardio first thing in the morning if you can - your appetite during the day will skyrocket because if this making bulking easier!  

10 Dec 2009 20:12

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