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how do i get my right shoulder to be symetrical to my left side. It is not the same with meaning my left side is bigger than my right. help is gladly appreciated.  

07 Dec 2009 22:41
youll never have the exact same body part from left to right side... however what is your current work out? biggest misconception is to over work the lagging body part.. dont... use more dumbells and excercises that force the individua movement...  

08 Dec 2009 01:23
Why would he not work the bodybaprt which is lagging in order to even it up ?

I would recomend you use dumbell based exercises instead of machines or barbells where the stronger side can assist the weaker - and also do the same reps on the one side as you do the other. I was going to recomend working the lagging side more however the above posts says not to - i'm not too sure why.  

01 Jan 2010 13:59

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