Hello everyone

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Just joined this board did not see a new members section.
Wanted to introduce myself, I belong to a couple boards and was looking around on the web and stumbled upon this one anyways I am 46 years old have competed in the past a few times I have exstensive knowledge in nutrition as well as being a personal trainer.
I hope I can learn more and contribute to this board.:D  

07 Dec 2009 19:18
welcome a board bro... we gotta quiet little forum here.  

07 Dec 2009 20:02
lil bit
Hello and welcome!  

07 Dec 2009 21:53
welcome.good people here. ill be coming on here more often.i promise gals and guys.:thumbs:  

20 Dec 2009 05:05
welcome i am coming back myself after a couple of years this is a very helpful site thanks to all the members.  

28 Jan 2010 00:29

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