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Hey everyone, got a question for you, a little background info first. Im currenty 148lbs, at 5"7, 22 years old. I started my diet at 163 lbs a few months ago. I got my body fat tested at my gym and it was at a high 20%. Ive been jogging 30 mins per day, 4 times a week, and weight training around 3 times per week. I cut my calories to 1700-1900 per day and no more than 30g of fat and I take in over 100g of protein per day. I bought a handheld fat analyzer, and it tells me im a whopping 20.3%. Is it possible that all Ive lost is water weight? I feel almost as strong as I was. This diet thing now feels like a waste of time.  

03 Dec 2009 16:57
so you had your bodyfat tested two different ways? get calipers to test your bodyfat its supposed to be pretty acurate  

09 Dec 2009 01:52
different methods of bodyfat testing produce different results that are not neccesarily accurate.

you will not have lost any weight due to losing water - your body keeps the amount of water in your system constant in the long term.  

20 Dec 2009 20:07
I agree - from what I've seen those can really be quite variable. I'd focus on how you're looking in the mirror. Also, if you're strength is going up like you say it has been, that's a good sign too.

At 148 pounds though, I'd say you need much more than 100 grams of protein a day - closer to 150.  

05 Jan 2010 00:16

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