Weight loss and toning up?

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Hey guys, I'm usually just a reader on these forums, but i'm in need of a little advice. heh

So to start here's what im working with.
-Age: 18
-Height: 5'10"
-Weight: 210
-BF%: ~20%
-Calories a day: 1900

-Cardio consists of 5 days of Jogging for about 20 minutes
-I'm just starting up my cutting workout (3 days a week), first time ever. (If needed to help me out just ask and i'll post it)

So I've been lifting for 5 years now, but forever bulking or maintaining. Being a linemen i always had to keep my weight up. Now with no more sports, i dropped 20 lbs. right away, but since then i'm just stuck where i'm at now :banghead: and im looking to drop down to 180ish fairly fast. So due to my inexperience in this area, im open to anyone and everyone's answers.

Thanks in advance  

30 Nov 2009 17:52
calories seem a little low even for cutting. give a little more info on the diet.  

09 Dec 2009 02:04
20 mins of joggin wont do a lot, i suggest 20 mins of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 1/2 times a week and seperate weight training 2/3 times a week. Calories are definitly low enough but what types of food are you eating?  

10 Dec 2009 20:17

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