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i'm 17 years old and i weigh 133 pounds.Im starting out bodybuilding properly tomorrow and am wondering what i should eat before my workout?when i mean properly i have only now got a proper programme which should give me results before i didn't do enough,thanks.  

25 Nov 2009 02:50
generally you need to have 5-6 meals a day.. eats all the calories you can... you need to just devour everything in sight... prior to work out c carbs and protein... keep it simple. just eat and let your body grow... hamburgers, steaks, potatoes eggs... how tall are you?  

25 Nov 2009 06:19
yes you are only 17 so you will still have the hormonal advantage on your side (like testosterone levels are still very high), so like A.B. said eat EVERYTHING, your metabolism is also going to be very high so you need to eat a lot. Just eat everything (except sugary foods and foods high in saturated fats).

As far as what to eat before workouts, starchy carbs and protein. Carb examples: oatmeal, potatoes, noodles, rice (preferably brown), bread (preferably 100% whole grain). Protein examples: ANY kind of meat really, steak, ground beef (burgers), chicken, turkey, tuna, fish, pork. I usually eat 6-7 meals per day with about 50g of protein in each meal. since you are just beginning, start out with 4-5, then move to 5-6, and eventually 6-7 once your weight gets up. Really load up on carbs the two meals before your workout, and your first meal after your workout. To avoid putting on excessive fat, load up on carbs in the AM and then taper them off to no carbs in your last meal or 2 of the day. But like I said, the most important times for carbs are the meal right BEFORE your workout, and then the meal after your workout.

Definitely purchase a whey protein powder and drink that immediately after your workout. Also consider having a shake right when you wake up and before bed and maybe even one other time throughout the day. The only time you should be getting sugary foods is IMMEDIATELY after your workout. This helps spike back up your insulin levels and will act like a transport system for the nutrients you are about to eat. Drink like 2 cups of grape juice or something, then drink your protein shake. and then have your first post workout meal 30-45 mins later.

FOOD is one of the most important things when putting on muscle and is quite frequently overlooked. It took me like 2 years to realize how important it was. Once I started eating like a madman I really started packing on muscle and I'm pissed cuz I wasted 2 years of hard lifting for nothing. GOOD LUCK  

28 Nov 2009 05:43
A German study in Psychopharmacology found oranges provide us vitamin C and it normalizes blood pressure. So whatever you eat, keep eating few beneficial natural food like, Sweet potatoes, Dried Apricots, Avocados, Almonds etc. Researchers found that if persons are busy in tasks like public dealing or solution of mathematical question and they get 3,000 milligrams of vitamin C, they can return to their normal level quickly.

best wishes  

03 Feb 2010 16:53
eat everything!!!!!!!!!! lots of carbs calories and protiens! but just dont stuff yourself otherwise u wil just get full and end up taking massive shits. but definatly work up to eating more frequently. if u are only eating ur 3 meals a day then try 4 one week and see how u feel, then 5, 6 and so on.  

05 Feb 2010 01:16
great stuff, congrats on entering the weightlifting world, it's a great place to be...in addition to diet- be certain to drink plenty of filtered H20 "before,during and after" your workouts, this will help your body expell the built up lactic acid in the muscles from pumping the irons.  

10 Mar 2010 06:37
You need to stay away from sodium. It's impossible to look lean with major levels of subcutanous water.  

18 Apr 2010 03:23
Mr Cosmok is right. But it really depends on how you want your body to look like. Gaining mass is one thing, being lean is another.

But generally, here is the tip I can give you.



26 May 2010 07:57
hey at this age u should eat everything except sugary things before going gym u should take boiled potatoes and cheese that will help you gain mass after dat give more stress on milk and soy proteins  

18 Aug 2010 17:48
Focus on hitting a macro breakdown of 40/40/20 pro/carbs/fats. Thats first and foremost. Follow that and center the majority of your sugary carbs within an hr pre. workout and immediately post workout. Another fairly large carb meal should be eaten 60-90 min post workout. Other than that just eat protien with every meal. Eat a high fat breakfast (eggs are great) and get more of your vegetables and more nutrient dense, lower calorie foods at night.

If your bulking increase carb intake. If your cutting decrease carb intake according to your calorie needs. The biggest mistake I see people make is misjudging a serving size, you may want to invest in a scale because I often see people mis-estimate how much theyre eating by 500+ calories.  

19 Aug 2010 22:00

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