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Following on from my thread seeking advice on diet -

I thought id ask for some guidance on training, ive been at the gym for one week, so everything is slightly new to me, im not aiming to be Ronnie Coleman, however im wanting to increase muscle mass, improve tone and generally have a good physique.

Ive started by training individual muscle groups on different days, training 3/4 times per week, giving at least 24 hours rest to each group in between.

However, im not sticking to any paticular routine, so if anyone can give me any guidance based on the fact i wont have the stamina to train as hard as i presume what most of the members on here do that would be great.

I currently weigh 81kg, 6ft tall, i am carrying some excess fat around my stomach due to living an un healthy lifestyle (I weighed 96kg in March). I want to really tighten my stomach/abs and chest up, however CV work will be limited due to a knee operation.

What can i do to start to help build strength and start to feel comfortable in myself?

Regards, Rob.  

25 Nov 2009 00:50

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