need help asap

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hola amigos,28 here from northern ireland,never really trainned much,always was light guy..around 10 and half stone(64kg)
just managed to get myself a stack of massdrol,mass fx trisbogen and advanced pct..started this 3 weeks ago,but with no help,changed diet completley,with 3 and half thousand cals per day,(very hard to consum)meal replacement shake,mass gain shake and multi vitamins...week 3 today..just upd dosage to 30mg massdrol (3 per day) 3 trisorbgen per day and 4 mass fx,is this correct??or what dosage should i be on,and how long should i be doing this cycle..its all tryal and error for me..need all advice i can get and would be really apreciated,ive only put on about 3/4pounds so far,but strengh in gym = better.. cheers muckers!!  

24 Nov 2009 19:59

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