Whats a good Test that does not bloat??

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Hi guys i'm after a test you can use that does not bloat you up preferably to use on a cutting cycle of tren?  

22 Nov 2009 08:05
concentrate on diet sodium intake etc.  

22 Nov 2009 10:27
Ive just started a cycle for 1st time,bulk.....3 half thousand cals a day etc, massdrol/mass fx/trisorbagen/and after post cycle advanced pct..on 3rd week,gain 6 pounds just...  

22 Nov 2009 19:02
yeh im trying to cut up.. its just insane i'm not eating like a pig like i was when i wasnt cycling now i am doing 1m tren 1ml testaviron mon-wed-friday and from 94kgs i went upto 101kgs in 4weeks im also using anavar.. i'm looking heaps better i've cut out my sugars and now slowing down heaps on sodium aswel.. i experienced the same gain of weight when i used prop.  

24 Nov 2009 05:54

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