Anadrol cycle

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I am starting cycle with anadrol and i wanted to know what is better to take it before gym or to take it in the morning and then before gym?

1st week: 50mg/day
2nd week: 100mg/day
3rd week: 100mg/day
4th week: 100mg/day

And i wanted to know what steroid i would need to use after Anadrol so i don't lose gains?

p.s i don't want to use injectable steroids Smile  

21 Nov 2009 21:09
i wouldnt start what you want to before donig more research... you'd find that is probably the worst cycle you can do... anadrol is very powerfull.. what if you start to get gyno? what do you take for post cycle therapy? whats your stats? lifting exp? age?  

22 Nov 2009 10:26

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