14 year old needs help!!!!

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Hey thanks


Hey thanks. Well I am a 14 year old 8th grader. 6'1 138 pounds and my goals are to gain muscle mass and weight so that i can play highschool basketball next year. I dont eat any crap, very clean because I have been raised that way since i was a kid. I can pretty much get my hands on anything. I need help on a diet and a workout routine to help me gain some seriouse mass. Do you think you can help me out?

PS. I have a home gym in my basement with lots of dumbbells and barbells.  

31 Jan 2005 04:55
umm do you by any chance have alzheimers disease? or ADD?  

31 Jan 2005 05:06
bro tell us exactly what u want to know we have answer this general question several times for you u need ot be more specific what was your diet this last week and be honest with us and your self  

31 Jan 2005 05:48
Dude, be more specific. That's why we have different subjects in these forums. First of all though, don't eat clean if you are that skinny and need to gain!:screwy:  

18 Mar 2009 00:32
Once again, i doubt you'll get any repsonse from this guy, as this is a 4 yr old post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

18 Mar 2009 00:35

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