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Courtesy of previous help on my last thread by Big_Pump I think I finally found my weekly routine, critique me if u see any touble spots. Ill put some stats ( 19 yrs. old, 6'2'' 195 lbs.) Mind you I am currently on gear and on a nine week program that consists of 3 wks. power (low reps high weight, 3wks. rep range (low weight, high reps), and 3 wks. shock exercises. Plus, each additional week will provide different exercises at the same reps (ex: barbell bench wk1, bb incline wk2, etc...). I'd also like to point out that the first 2 sets are normally warmups, and there's no actual squats in my legs routine because I have 2 herniated disks, a cracked disk, and a bulging disk in my back that prevents this.

Monday- Chest/Tri's
Barbell bench 10,8,6,4,4
Incline Flyes 10,8,6,6
Decline Press 10,8,6,4,4
Weighted Dips 12,10,8
Tricep pushdowns 10,8,6
DB pullovers 12,12,10

Tuesday-Legs (morning) Traps/rear delts (evening)
Leg ext, Leg curls 2x20 (warmup)
Leg press 12,8,6,6,4
Romanian Dead Lift 10,10,8,6
Hack Squat 10,8,6,6,4
Lunges 10,10,10

Tuesday Evening
Seated DB shrugs 12, 8, 8, 6
Reverse incline db lat raises 15,12,10,10
bent over lat. raises 12,10,8,8

T-bar rows 10,8,6,4,4
Lat Pulls (for width) 12,10,8,8
Seated cable rows 12,10,6,4
Cambered bar preacher curls 10,8,6,6
Db incline curls 10,8,6,4

Friday-Front/Side Delts
DB Arnold Press 10,8,6,4,4
Upright rows 10,8,8,6
Barbell front raises 10,8,6,4
Db lat raises 10,8,8,8
Chicken Clacks(not sure what it's called) 12,10,10

30 Jan 2005 23:08
I tihnk your over complicating things.

just cause ur on a cycle doesn't mean u should be triaing more frequently yoiu GROW when RECOVERING

I tihkn you;d benefit from less volume cause unless your genetically gifted (which no offence your problaby not at your height and weight) your body won't gorw as much.

for alot of trainee's less is more

I'd be willing ot bet if you followed a lower volume routine along with a solid diet you will be happier with your physique in the end.

you cna tlak a look at my power lifting journal or Silverbacks simple routine wihch has given shortz great results  

31 Jan 2005 00:19
here is Sb'sdsimple routine I"m sure Shortz will answer all our questions/doubts about it  

31 Jan 2005 00:23
Many novice lifters or people who are "set in their ways" are turned off by SB's routine. The problem is, people feel they need high volume in order to grow. Not trying SB's routine is a missing out on something very good and amazing. I am no longer pushing his routine anymore. Only two people out of 20 have tried it so far, but those two people said they have never felt so sore from a low volume routine and had awsome gains on it. Oh well, to each their own.  

31 Jan 2005 00:27
thx for the advice smallguy, I just figured that since I can get it all done in 45-1 hour with a real good pump that it would be alright. I used to do each body part twice a week and it worked for awhile but then I started feeling overtrained, now i'm only doing one per week and it seems relatively simple to do and still leave feeling "swoll". anyhow I'll take what u said and see what else I can come up with.
thx, DbP  

31 Jan 2005 00:28
BTW, you have 20 sets there that are working chest, that is over training waiting to happen.  

31 Jan 2005 00:28
i agree with shortz and smallguy....
More is never better. go simple, and you will grow much much better....i used to be able to put on mass nicely from my PLing routine that i put smallguy on.  

31 Jan 2005 00:42
uhhh... i only count 14 sets for chest bro... but i don't see the overtraining thing fellas  

31 Jan 2005 09:18
Barbell bench 10,8,6,4,4
Incline Flyes 10,8,6,6
Decline Press 10,8,6,4,4
Weighted Dips 12,10,8
DB pullovers 12,12,10

Count them again. If you are doing your dips with a parallel or V bar, it is also working chest. All of these work chest.  

31 Jan 2005 09:28
[QUOTE=DbLPlatinum89]uhhh... i only count 14 sets for chest bro... but i don't see the overtraining thing fellas[/QUOTE]

beleive us or don't i

but shortz is right ur doing 20 sets


barbell bench 10,8,6,4,4 -- hits your chest
Incline Flyes 10,8,6,6 --- hits your chest
Decline Press 10,8,6,4,4 --- hits your chest
weighted Dips 12,10,8 -- alos hits your chest and you triceps
Tricep pushdowns 10,8,6 -- tricep exercise
DB pullovers 12,12,10 -- will hit your chest and back depending on how ur body recruits muscles. and if it hits ur back mroe then why are u doing it at all on chest day  

31 Jan 2005 09:38
i was using pullovers and dips as tri routines, my bad... it was just a sample workout, ill just do two dif. exercises for tri's instead. Didn't mean for it to seem as they were for chest...  

31 Jan 2005 09:38
i know you guys are just trying to help, my dumbass didn't even think about those as being for chest, i was just trying to come up with something for tri's, i meant for 9 sets on tri's and around 14 for chest. Didn't mean for the misunderstanding  

31 Jan 2005 09:42
dips are a great exercise for tri's probalby one of the best but u have ot rember they will hit your chest. u can take some of the ephesis off of your chest with dips by staying as up right as possialbe but it will still be hit ot some degree.

As for the pull overs they do nothing for your triceps so ditch em

bro what we are saying in short is if your gonna do a cycle which all the mods here will tell you u should wait. THen pick a poven trianing progrma that is guarenteed to work.

most guys will not grow for an extended period on high volume period maybe 2-3 weeks tops and if u could handle that volume u'd be alot bigger than 195 at 6'2.

in the end everything is your decision but make sure u know what exercises are hitting what muscles groups when u organize your program.  

31 Jan 2005 09:49
good advice, that's why i like this forum so much, u guys keep it real. Ill tone down my volume more, i toned it down from each muscle twice a week, which i could easily tell was overtraining. Ill let ya know what comes from my new routine and all. thx again  

31 Jan 2005 10:05
glad u saw the light  

31 Jan 2005 10:26

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