what should I be buying when doing groceries?

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29 Jan 2005 11:08
good post

inkman said it a while back, "stick to the outside of the grocery store, and dont venture into the middle where all the shitty food is" or something alnog the lines of that... :D  

31 Jan 2005 03:10
stick to the meat department and the produce department...  

31 Jan 2005 03:24
What you should buy at the grocery store should be determined by what your goals are. There is basic principle in gaining and loosing weight called the law of Thermodynamics. If you take in fewer calories than your caloric maintenance levels require, you will lose weight. If you take in more, you will gain weight. You can use the Harris Benedict formula to determine you caloric maintenance levels. Once you have that information subtract or add calories based on your goals...

In other words, look on the back of boxes and add up the calories. Remember to keep portion size in mind when doing this. Naturally, Cookies are going to be high in calories with no nutritional value….
Keep your protein intake in mind when you are adding up calories also.  

21 Feb 2005 05:43
Heres some ideas for you.Get those big ass bags of tyson chicken breasts and chicken portions,Get steaks of all kinds,fish,fruit, veggies and pastas in all forms like lipton noodles they come in all kinds of great flavors, like beef , thai noodles ect ect.Get rice flavored rice is what i usually get, and brown rice.Plenty of gallons of bottled water if you dont have a purifier of some sort at home.2-3 gallons of whole milk a week or 2 percent.Get a vareity of different sauces for your meats such as country bobs sauce, a1 sauces,57 sauces, barbecue sauce,sweet in sour sauces, honey mustard sauces, just to keep the meats you eat new and tasty, i love meats but i sure as hell cant eat them plain.:D Get some peanut butter in those monster sized cans for sandwiches, prefarbly using wheat bread but white bread here and there wont kill you.Get a few dozen eggs, for hard boiled eggs or get all egg white mix for scrambled all egg white eggs.Then like i do prepare your meals for the next 3-4 days by cooking monster loads of those noodles,veggies and meats and all up so you dont have to cook ever time you eat and you have other stuff to do,big time, time saver.Then just store your food in tupperware in the fridge, for ready to pop in the microwave for the next few days.  

09 Nov 2006 20:30
John H
you also forgot to either make your own thread or post this in an appropriate one...  

29 Mar 2007 03:43
If you buy bulk before you go to the grocery store, then it's easy to rely just on the produce and meat sections (along with almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, yogurt or regular milk if you make shakes). The best priced protein I found online so far is at bulkfoodsdirect. I find the more I buy in bulk, the more money and time I save and the better I eat. Good luck!  

09 Jun 2009 21:12

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