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I'm on my 3rd week of test enanthate and my next scheduled injection is tonight. My problem is I have 100 degree fever. I'm not exactly in a lot of pain but I still feel the fever nonetheless. Should I put off my injection until I am 100% or am I safe to just do it tonight?  

11 Nov 2009 04:35
Depends on what the fever is from IMO. Some people get flu like symptoms when they start a cycle. Infections causes fever too, so with that being said I hope the previous injection sites aren't bothering you. If it was me, I hit it if I felt good enough not a big deal if you wait until tomorrow or the next day.  

13 Nov 2009 02:26
^^^ exactly what he said brother could be from a number of reasons but if its not from site injection i would shoot up to keep your dose consistent  

13 Nov 2009 04:38

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