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Hi guys -just discovered this forum by accident after looking for information before I inject some gear for the first time.Havent really had much luck finding info on injectable just talk about oral stanazol-Ive picked up a 60ml bottle of vetinary "stanazol" inject,any advice/tips/feedback for a firstimer?-thanks  

21 Jan 2005 17:28
Bro tell us little more info's about you. Check other threads and you will see what I am talking about. you have in plan to run winny only cyle?  

21 Jan 2005 17:32
Ohhh and Weclome on the board bro! :thumbs:  

21 Jan 2005 17:32
Thanks for the welcome.....dont mean to come across as a retard--Im new to forums -more info on-myself?? size ? training?etc.???  

21 Jan 2005 17:41
okay basically the story is Ive got a lot more serious about weight training - trained hard with a strict diet with all the supplements etc.-made some real nice noticable gains in size/weight and strength in the last 12months(which is a short time)-naturally...but the last few months people have noticed my size decreasing and strenght flattening out thought it was just a rough patch thought Id slowly break out of it but its getting worse after talking with friends of friends -picked up a 60ml bottle and their advice was to inject 1ml every second day for a week or two then step it up to 2ml every second day and to run it for 6 to 8 weeks in total  

21 Jan 2005 18:31
gymphreak inject winny is probably gonna be the worse idea...its painful...really painful for many...You can drink that winny, and get the same effects. Im assuming that the winny is dosed at 100mg/ml? If so, take half a ml each day. Just draw it in the syringe, and then shoot the winny into something that you are drinking like grapefruit juice or soemthing, and just will be just as good!  

21 Jan 2005 18:46
thanks-Ive heard a rumour that its possible...but theres the negative aspects as other oral taken gear right?...the liver?(but I guess being only a short term thing nothing to sweat over) it harsh on the stomach-ie. digesting problems- maybe?  

21 Jan 2005 19:04
Winny is a 17aa gear.The same as dbol and other oral gear.How old are you?There is a search function here.I would reccomend you use that and educate yourself fully before shooting something you have limited knowledge.Its for your benefit.Also over 6weeks is not recommend with that gear.Are you useing a test base?You should consider that as well.What are your goals?What is your diet?Give us a little more on your stats.  

21 Jan 2005 19:15
thanks for the advice....just jumping the gun and straight out asking ,cause Id rather learn from other people who have been in the same situtation as Im in......Ive been given a version of how to go about using and Id rather have a few to ideas to choose from and make my own mind up after considering every avenue before putting anything into my body  

21 Jan 2005 19:33
welcome the the board bro. Stick around feel free to ask questions. I know gymphreak said to drink it which I agree with but for later use about injecting here's a site that will help you out.....  

22 Jan 2005 01:11
thanks jcyvaughn26 -just checked out that injecting address/site- answered a few more questions in the back of my mind about if Im going to pull the syringes out cycling through injection sites ....but from what Ive been reading it does'nt seem to be worth the effort/trouble to be injecting every two days -the drinking idea seems the way to go-but????....but my buddy who is too trying it out with me for the first time - but who is also strongly influenced by his friends who arent strangers to the whole scene- Ive been talking/debating with isnt totally convinced its possible to get the total effect if your not pricking your self with needlle-thats my only thing stopping me from totally throwing the whole injecting idea out  

22 Jan 2005 04:54
well why not let him inject and you drink...and you laugh at him while hes in pain, and you are not?

Thats what i would do....just to prove a point that steroid users that have been in the game for a long time dont neccessary know everything...Just a lil tip here for ya!

To answer the "total effect sceneario" that you are talking about......Winstrol, is an 17-aa steroid, which is designed to survive the stomach and be broken down by the liver...Thats the tablets. When you come around to injectable winny, you are just injecting powder form of the pills...To explain things generally...Hence, when labs get The raw winstrol powder, they can either make it an injectable, or press it into tablets/cap them.....THUS, the only thing different between the two, is that injectable winny hurts like a mofo, and tablet/orally taken winny is painless!

Hope that answers your question...  

22 Jan 2005 05:35
hey Gymphreak your the man!!-youve just convinced me totally with your message-thanks!!!......  

22 Jan 2005 15:56
oh! I was thinking ...if Im putting winstrol down my throat do I have to allow time to process it through my system for a peak time- for a gym session or straight before ,or after,before sleep,first thing in the morning,etc......basically what saying would it matter what time of the day I take a dose of it say time it for a workout in the evenings or does it just build up in my system over a cycle  

22 Jan 2005 16:26
I would break it up in 2 doses per day.If your taking a total of 50mg take 25 in the am and 25 in the evening.You want to try to keep a constant level in the blood.  

22 Jan 2005 17:38
BTW,good choice on your decision.  

22 Jan 2005 17:39
yeah i agree with regino on that...i usually take half my dose when i get up with breakfast, and the 2nd dose just before the gym (i workout late at night around 7pm since i do alot of powerlifting movements and if the gym is packed, then ppl complain)  

22 Jan 2005 21:12
Watch for joint pain. That's about all I get from winny but I have only ran it once. The joint pain was bad and made it so I couldn't train full sessions elbows and shoulders were the worst for me.  

22 Jan 2005 21:32
would taking 3ml stana every 3rd day for a period of 4 weeks work?  

15 Nov 2006 06:29
[QUOTE=DECA]would taking 3ml stana every 3rd day for a period of 4 weeks work?[/QUOTE]
no...........please, for the future just start a thread instead of bumping an old one out from the dead.  

15 Nov 2006 07:44

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