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I'm sure most of us would agree that the squat is the single toughest exercise we can do. It's us against gravity basically... when you're ready to hit the heaviest set of squats, what is the one song you need to push you through the last grueling reps?  

05 Nov 2009 22:25
I go through differents songs.... the last one was Seether No Jesus Christ.  

06 Nov 2009 08:39
I'm not sure why but The Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World gets me jacked up for maxing or heavy sets.. lol ironically it's one of the lighter songs of my ipod  

30 Nov 2009 17:36
anything by In Flames or Dark Tranqulility, lots of fast metal for me.

anything so long as it has a heavy beat and is loooooud  

03 Dec 2009 06:03
these days I like listing to "Stuck In The Middle With You"  

03 Dec 2009 10:46
Five Finger Death Punch- White Knuckles  

11 Jan 2010 19:58
if you want to enjoy while you're in workout.. try having metal hard rock.. it keeps you up while having workout...  

27 Mar 2010 06:26

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