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Hey's been a while.

I haven't ever mixed my own brew before, so I'm looking for a Forrest Gump kind of answer....simple and detailed! :screwy:

Among other agents, I've received 25 bottles of HGH, and I was told to mix it at a 4% solution. I received the bottles, and a bottle of the water as well.

Is there anyone patient enough to perhaps walk me through this?

Thanks much  

29 Oct 2009 08:14
are you just asking how to mix your GH?  

29 Oct 2009 19:01
Yes. That's exactly what I was hoping to elicit.

They're blue caps....I've heard that's what they go by. I've utilized Nut before, so obviously no mixing was necessary.  

29 Oct 2009 20:59
4% solution? That makes no sense blue tops are 10iu bottles so if you mix in 2ml of bac water you will have 1iu if HGH per 5iu of water pulled..Understand? There are 100iu in 1ml of bac water so divide the amount of HGH(10iu) into what amount you put into the bottle 2ml...So if you only did 1ml it would be 1iu per 10iu of water..  

30 Oct 2009 19:43

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